Pentagon Secure Access Lane and Facility:

Stone Mountain SDVOB, LLC was the primary subcontractor on a project to construct a Secure Access Lane and Screening Facility at the Pentagon facility in Arlington, VA. The work involved project management including: major excavation, steel structures, concrete, masonry, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, communications, CCTV cameras, specific monitoring devices, vehicle barriers, electronic safety and security, earthwork and exterior improvements.



James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY   Our personnel constructed Phase I of the upgraded emergency power system, transfer switches, distribution switchgear and an emergency generator system which operates completely independent of the existing emergency power system.   This effort also involved the supply and installation of Medical Gas Networks (Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Vacuum, etc.), Medical Air systems, LPG and other gasses according to BS 01-02 and EN 737 and NFPA standards (Compressors, Vacuum pumps, Copper pipes and Outlets) complemented by Hospital Beds, Bed Head units and Pendants.


Ronald Reagan Building 

The work performed on this project was to transform the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC into a High Performance Green Building.   This building houses important US Goverment Agencies including the US AID and Customs and Border Protection.  This was a highly complex, multi-disciplined government project that required work to be performed on a non-interference basis, with phasing on different floors and in multiple areas simultaneously.   The environment was active and involved stringent security requirements.  This sophisticated work consisted of 14 ECM’S (Energy Conservation Measures) including: upgrades to garage air supplies; chiller replacement; cooling tower optimization; steam condensate recovery systems; daylight harvesting; upgrading public and private occupancy sensors; air handling units and others ECM’S.  The project consisted of design, construction drawings and construction cost estimates.  Stone Mountain's key personnel are the same personnel who were responsible for the project management, execution and performance of all subcontractors.


ronald regan center
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Theodore Roosevelt Building                                   

This GSA LEED® Project was to provide design/build energy efficiencies throughout the entire Theodore Roosevelt Building in Washington DC.  The scope of work includes the following ECM’S: installation of 340 photovoltaic panels; HVAC system updates; light fixtures and ceiling upgrades; interior glazing and retrofit; and water saving plumbing fixtures.  This was a highly complex, multi-disciplined government project that required work to be performed on a non-interference basis, with phasing on different floors and in multiple areas simultaneously.  It was necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of tenant spaces and needs, to develop a program of requirements and to create a migration plan, which included the phased relocation of personnel groups to prepare for the design and renovation of the existing space.  A plan was implemented to relocate groups in both internal and off-site swing spaces.  The plan included blocking & stacking diagrams intended to accommodate approximately 1,800 employees in 631,000 SF of space while minimizing project costs, construction time and disturbance to employees. Stone Mountain's project managers and quality personnel worked on this project over a period of several years.


Veterans Affairs, VA Medical Center, Northport, NY                               

Our personnel managed and performed on task orders issued by the USACE to improve, repair and update the Department of Veterans Affairs buildings in Northport, NY.  The work performed was for the repair of fascia, soffits, underground water collection, roof repairs and tuck pointing at several buildings at the VA Medical Center, Northport.


va medical center northport

Veterans Administration - Snow/Ice Control Products                                     

We provided and delivered 311 tons of snow and ice control products to the Dayton, Ohio VA Medical Center.  Delivery was coordinated with the customer and shipped in tri-axle trucks 23-25 tons per load.  Loads were dumped outside the bin structure, the loader and operator scooped up the material into the bucket, walked up and stacked material into the bin, as it was delivered.  Several loads were placed outside of the structure for a period of time while the front end loader needed time to place the material into the structure.

Pureland Industrial Complex

Prior to the formation of Stone Mountain SDVOB, LLC., Charles Walters the CEO was responsible for the development and construction of the Pureland Industrial Park.  Today the park is the largest Industrial Park east of the Mississippi River.

Pureland, located in Gloucester County, NJ is a 3,500 acre preserve supporting over 187 commercial and industrial clients housed in approximately 133 individual buildings. Facilities include office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, hotels and restaurants.  Over the past 40 years Mr. Walters has provided turn key customer service including site selection and development, utility and road improvements, A&E permitting and general contracting services.  

The property also includes approximately 20 miles of paved roads and highways, parking lots, landscaping, signage and lighting that was successfully maintained to county and local code standards.                                    


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Cabanas Restaurant

This restaurant contract was for the demolition and refurbishment of the 2nd & 3rd floors on the beachfront property in Cape May, NJ.  The work included demolition, framing of internal walls, drywall, flooring, plumbing, panting, drop ceiling , refinishing stair treads, millwork, lighting and bar replacement. 

Sterigenics Facility

The Sterigenics facility required modernization and upgrades to support business opportunities for its customers.  Stone Mountain SDVOB, LLC worked alongside the facilities manager of Sterigenics and developed a plan to perform multiple office area demolition and renovation of the facility.  The work included new office construction, office partitions, electrical wiring, carpentry, door framing, carpet installation and painting. 


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Helena Chemical Company

The scope of work on this commercial office building included demolition of the main reception area, common hallways, offices and file room.  Subsequent construction was performed to provide new walls, electrical upgrades, carpentry, pass-thru windows, ceiling tiles, doorways, countertops, carpeting and painting. 

Heron Drive Culvert Replacement

Select demolition was performed on the asphalt, curb, sidewalk, traffic barriers, temporary pipe and stone and saw-cuts to the head walls.  Areas were graded for storm water and erosion control management.   Culvert installation included a stone subgrade for culvert installation, installation of a new aluminum arch pipe, concrete cradle and the repair of existing walls.


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